Dynamics of Changes in Bone Densitometric Parameters and the pH Level of Oral Fluid Among Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis During the Use of Developed Treatment and Prevention Complex





juvenile idiopathic arthritis, densitometry, drugs, toothpaste, pharmacotherapy, treatment and prevention complex, multidisciplinary studies


Prevention and treatment of major dental diseases among children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis is quite a difficult task. It is necessary to develop appropriate therapeutic and preventive measures, taking into account the pathogenetic factors and peculiarities of such somatics. Among fifty-five children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis aged 6-10 years, the main densitometric parameters of bones were determined and the pH stability of the oral fluid was assessed against the background of the use of the developed treatment and prevention complex, which includes modern, effective, safe, and affordable medicines.

As a result, after a year of using the treatment and prophylactic complex, an improvement in the densitometric indicators of bone tissue was observed among children, which indicated an improvement in their mineralization and structure, as well as a normalization of functional adaptation and compensatory reactions in the body, which maintain the stability of the pH of the oral fluid.

Author Biographies

Tetyana Pyndus, Lviv Medical University

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Private Higher Education Institution “Lviv Medical University”, Ukraine

Volodymyr Pyndus, Lviv Medical University

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Private Higher Education Institution “Lviv Medical University”, Ukraine

Iryna Dorosh, Lviv Medical University

PhD in Medical Sciences, Private Higher Education Institution “Lviv Medical University”, Ukraine

Nadiia Malekh, Lviv Medical University

Private Higher Education Institution “Lviv Medical University”, Ukraine


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