Clinical and Pharmacological, Organizational and Legal, Forensic and Pharmaceutical Research of Drugs of ATC-Group N01AX03 for Anesthesia




pharmacy organization and management, clinical pharmacy, forensic pharmacy, control regime, anesthetics, ketamine


Clinical and pharmacological, organizational and legal, forensic and pharmaceutical study of drugs of the N01AX03 group for anesthesia was conducted. A clinical and pharmacological research based on the results of a documentary analysis in a retrospective measurement of indicators of clinical-pharmaceutical safety of ketamine showed that ketamine became the first non-inhalation anesthetic. It causes dissociative anesthesia with an analgesic effect. It is used in emergency surgery, during evacuation in combat conditions, in cardiac surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology. It is prescribed for patients with traumatic shock and blood loss. The organizational and legal research based on the results of the study of the marketing, classification, legal, nomenclature and legal indicators of drugs with ATC code N01AX03 showed the circulation on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine of 4fourpsychotropic, prescription drugs of ketamine in the form of ampoules and vials for intramuscular and intravenous administration. Forensic and pharmaceutical research based on the results of the study of the control regime, availability, cases from forensic pharmaceutical practice, legal responsibility for the illegal circulation of drugs with ATS code N01AX03 made it possible to establish a direct relationship between the indicated indicators.

Author Biography

Alina Osyntseva, Lugansk State Medical University

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Luhansk State Medical University

Public Organization “Association of medical and pharmaceutical law”


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