Multidisciplinary Study of Medical Errors in the System of Legal Relations Between "Doctor-Patient-Pharmacist-Advocate" During the Circulation of Drugs




medical errors, crime, multidisciplinary research, drug technology, forensic pharmacy, pharmacology, criminal law, circulation of medicinal products, danger to the health of citizens


Multidisciplinary organizational and legal, forensic and pharmaceutical, clinical and pharmacological, forensic and medical, criminal and legal studies of medical errors in the system of legal relations between "doctor-patient-pharmacist-lawyer" were conducted. The implementation of the rules of the circulation of drugs established by the state in order to exclude forensic pharmaceutical risks and guarantee the safety of pharmacotherapy of patients was analyzed. Forensic and pharmaceutical analysis of patients' complaints indicates the need for further improvement of pharmaceutical provision and medical care. Normative measures have been developed for the prevention of medical errors during the circulation of drugs of clinical and pharmacological, classification and legal, nomenclature and legal groups.

Author Biography

Valentyn Shapovalov, Lugansk State Medical University

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Luhansk State Medical University

Advocates Company “Apotheosis”

Public Organization “Association of Medical and Parmaceutical Law”


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