Interdisciplinary Pharmacoeconomic Research Concerning the Рharmacotherapy of Alcoholic Hepatitis in Conditions of Covid-19 Pandemic




COVID-19, drugs, alcoholic hepatitis, pharmacotherapy, interdisciplinary pharmacoeconomic research


Substantiated the relevance and necessity of the chosen research topic as a result of a review of the scientific literature on the epidemiology and pharmacotherapy of patients with alcoholic hepatitis. Contradictory evidence exists regarding the association between international and national clinical protocols for the management of alcoholic hepatitis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Author undertook the present study to justify the procurement of drugs for patients with alcoholic hepatitis based on pharmacoeconomic calculations for hospitals. This study is based on pharmacoeconomic, organizational and legal, forensic and pharmaceutical approaches to pharmacotherapy with using literature review. Clinical and pharmacological analysis of basic therapy of alcoholic hepatitis was performed. Pharmacoeconomic studies have been conducted. According to the results of the ABC analysis, group A includes one drug (INN Ursodeoxycholic acid). According to the results of VEN analysis, it was proved that one drug (INN Prednizolone) belongs to category V (Vital). This study provides an opportunity to make administrative and managerial decisions in determining the pharmacotherapy of patients with alcoholic hepatitis to improve the use of drugs in hospitals.

Author Biography

Viktoriia Shapovalova, Lugansk State Medical University

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Luhansk State Medical University

Public Organization “Association of Medical and Pharmaceutical Law”


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