Organization of Pharmaceutical Business and Forensic Pharmacy: Multidisciplinary Gender Study of Risks in Cases of Violations of Circulation of Psychoactive Substances




pharmaceutical business, forensic pharmacy, gender study, psychoactive substances, abuse


The contemporary pharmaceutical industry plays an integral role in ensuring healthcare quality by developing, producing, and distributing medications to mitigate various ailments. However, this industry's intersection with forensic pharmacy, particularly in the context of psychoactive substances abuse, presents a myriad of challenges, risks, and considerations. This study explored these challenges from a multidisciplinary gendered lens, attempting to unearth the different ways genders experience risks associated with psychoactive substance abuse. Findings reveal that the pharmaceutical business structure, predominantly male-driven in leadership roles, has inadvertently shaped drug development and marketing strategies. This often neglects gender-specific responses and considerations for psychoactive substances, leading to gender disparities in drug-related harm and misuse. Women, for instance, metabolize certain substances differently, making them more susceptible to side effects and potential misuse. Additionally, forensic pharmacy, which investigates drug-related incidents and ensures regulatory compliance, frequently overlooks gender-specific patterns of substance misuse. There is a need for improved gender-inclusive data analytics, ensuring that drug-related forensic investigations consider male and female biological and sociocultural differences. The study suggests that a gender-responsive approach in both pharmaceutical business operations and forensic pharmacy investigations can mitigate the risks and enhance preventive measures. This could lead to better drug safety profiles, more accurate forensic results, and a reduction in the prevalence of psychoactive substance misuse. Emphasizing the need for a multidisciplinary and inclusive approach, this research underscores the importance of acknowledging gender as a pivotal factor in understanding and addressing the challenges in the intersection of pharmaceutical business organization and forensic pharmacy related to psychoactive substances abuse.

Author Biography

Oksana Okseniuk, Luhansk State Medical University

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty

Luhansk State Medical University, Ukraine


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