Scientific conference November 16-17, 2023


We're co-hosting with our partner Luhansk State Medical University (Ukraine) conference "Medical and pharmaceutical law of Ukraine: organization and economics of the pharmaceutical business, technology, circulation of drugs, quality control, general, forensic, evidential and clinical pharmacy, pharmacotherapy of health disorders".

The conference will be held online on the 16th and 17th of November, 2023 in Rivne, Ukraine and Tallinn, Estonia. 

We're going to discuss various topics concerning the name of the conference, particularly in the following, but not limited to, areas:

  • medicine and medical science and its approach to relationship between doctor and patient in a pandemic;
  • pharmaceutical science and its approach to relationship between pharmacist and patient in a pandemic;
  • medical ethics challenges in pandemic circumstances;
  • modern law particularities in pandemic environments, with special attention to pharmaceutical and medical law.

Event timing and information about the Conference Board and Keynote Speakers will follow soon on this on this page.

Conference official languages: English, Estonian, Ukrainian. Online translation will be offered. 

You're able to schedule your report or publication, please feel free to contact us using or support links on the right side of the site (Telegram and WhatsApp).

Update October 14, 2023: permanent video conference link is here:

Update October 15, 2023: Please register everyone who would like attend -

Update November 03, 2023: The stream (audio only) will be available also in our partner's Telegram.

Update November 14, 2023: The conference's program is available online: PDF (link).

Update November 24, 2023: Online: