SSP Modern Pharmacy and Medicine: Announcements <p>SSP Modern Pharmacy and Medicine is an peer-reviewed indexed journal in the fields of pharmacy and medicine. Our main goal is to spread Open Science through the publication in open access of scientific articles.</p> <p>Our editorial policy is conducted in accordance with the <a href=";version=111863:2075ce3504523a4c944c" data-link-id="9e10cb77-5919-4a6f-9c55-01f2aa094ce0">COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors</a> and we ask our reviewers to the <a href=";version=111868:23c8dd04939fc5912433" data-link-id="30f3453f-463e-4a8d-855d-6ba45c37c5a7">COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers</a> as appropriate.</p> en-US